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Never before has a product like this been available to boat owners. Add a beautiful and entirely unique appearance to your boat with Californeon Pin Striping Kits. This product is weatherproof and can be wrapped around the contours of your boat just like regular pin striping. It will not crack, peel or fade.

Since the invention of practical electrical lighting, there have been lights on boats of all kinds. There are however drawbacks to traditional glass enclosed lights. Inefficient and fragile, they don't readily lend themselves to many boating applications.

That is until now....

Introducing Californeon Electroluminescent lighting.

A simple peel and stick plastic tape which lights brightly when an electrical current is applied. Wonderful for many applications such as interior, exterior, safety and fishing lighting. Californeon can be supplied in continuous lengths up to 500 Feet! Californeon's light output is consistent regardless of length, 1-500 feet long!

Californeon's non-glaring phosphorescent glow is reminiscent of the soft light given off by the sea's own light emitting organisms. As a fishing light, Californeon provides a glare free light attractant to all common bait fish. Where there is bait fish, there are bigger game fish which feed upon them. Improving your catch, installing Californeon on your boat makes perfect economic sense.

As an illumination for reading charts and instruments, Californeon's non-glaring phosphorescent glow reduces night blindness and improves safety. As additional exterior safety lighting, Californeon Striping makes your hull visible for miles!

Using Californeon as interior lighting, a dimmable mood light provides a beautiful effect, even to passageways, ladders and hatch areas. It's soft glow will make each step safer to take at night. Lighting swim steps and gates makes them safer and more attractive.

Be among the first to take advantage of this unique, energy efficient lighting on your boat.

Californeon, the light that evolved from the sea, is ready to light your way over the waves.

Pin stripe lighting
Pin stripe lighting
Pin stripe lighting
Pin stripe lighting
Pin stripe lighting
Pin stripe lighting
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